Here are some links for archive footage of Lympstone.

East Devon ‘Back to the Future’ short film
School Fete at Courtlands in the 1930s
Courtlands estate in the 1930s
Britain in Bloom in the 1980s
Views of Lympstone c1930
Scenes from Lympstone c1950
Lympstone Cricket Club 1960
Lympstone Sea Sunday 1930s
Courtlands Estate gardens 1947
East Devon Hunt meets at Lympstone 1975
Storms at Lympstone 1984
Lympstone enters the Exmouth Carnival 1980
Lympstone celebrates the Royal Wedding 1981
Train from Lympstone to Exmouth 1950
Lympstone Marine Camp 1948
Morris Dancing at Lympstone 1980
Building new tennis courts 1982
Snow in Lympstone 1980
Mile of Pennies Lympstone 1982
Lympstone Sea Sunday 1976
Snow in Lympstone 1965
Beating the bounds at Lympstone 1982

These films are archived at Visit this site and search for ‘Lympstone’