Best Kept Village Competition 2014

Best Kept Village Competition 2014

As you may know, Lympstone has been entered for this competition. The object of the competition is to encourage villages with a real sense of community to improve their local environment by caring for buildings, clearing litter and promoting schemes to improve the general appearance of the area as well as develop, enhance and sustain village amenities. Please note that the judges will not be looking for architectural merit, prettiness or an abundance of flowers, but for villages which do the best with what they have.

The judges will visit Lympstone at any time between May and July and will come unannounced on an undisclosed day. They will be judging the village on the following criteria:

  1. General tidiness and absence of litter.
  2. Condition of houses, gardens, allotments, hedges, walls and fences.
  3. Condition and cleanliness of public halls, sports pavilions, sheds, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, public toilets and noticeboards.
  4. Condition of village greens, playing fields, schoolyards, public seats and car parks.
  5. State of footpaths, stiles, field gates, signposting, ponds and streams.
  6. Condition of churchyards, cemeteries and war memorials.
  7. Condition of commercial and business premises, such as B&Bs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, including advertising and signage.
  8. Initiatives in the care and enhancement of village amenities, e.g. composting, recycling, public planters, beds and gardens; and facilities or initiatives for children, young people and the elderly.
  9. Evidence of good village communications: Noticeboards which are easy to read and up-to-date. Quality of village website and village magazine information.
  10. Evidence of community spirit.

So, are we ready? Are we doing our best?

Litter pick dates: 8th March, 5th April. Meet Village Hall car park 10.30, coffee and cake 12.00 midday

For further information, contact Terri Scott on 227556, or Sharon Wayland on 274551,

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