Courtlands Update, Final Day – Wednesday 1st February

Courtlands Update, Final Day – Wednesday 1st February

The final (half-)day of the appeal hearing was a quiet affair, with reduced numbers from all sides. Section 106 matters were finished. We were told that the route into the estate (if built) from Courtlands Lane would definitely be one way only (inwards), with either flaps or no-entry signs. The big hedge along the A376 would be protected (and not in individual back gardens).

The two sides (EDDC and developer) made closing submissions – poles apart in their views. The developer applied for costs against EDDC, who, it was claimed, had presented such a poor case that the developer had incurred extra expense! This was rejected by the EDDC counsel; the Inspector decides this and it will be announced with the main decision. The Inspector said that this decision – as to whether the appeal is dismissed and the houses not built, or the appeal allowed and the houses built – is likely to be issued in about a month’s time . It will be posted on the Planning Inspectorate website: Click on ‘Search for an appeal’  and follow the instructions. The appeal reference is 2161479

The Inspector was making a further round of site visits this afternoon.

The Parish council will hear a report about the whole appeal at its next meeting on Monday 6th February. There will certainly be some matters for the parish and district councillors to take up with EDDC, such as why they signed a Section 106 agreement without consulting the parish and without including any benefit for Lympstone.

Helen Dimond

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