It is the time of the year when the Parish Council considers applications for funding to assist local groups.

Each year, the Parish Council contributes towards The Ring and Ride Community Bus and the Gulliford Cemetery Joint Committee.  In the past, the Parish Council has also paid for an emergency telephone at the Village Hall and for emptying the skips that are on the Village Hall car park. From this summer, these will now be paid for by the Village Hall Management Committee as part of its wish to have full control over its activities.

This year the Parish Council has also been able to assist Lympstone Football Club Junior players to join a League,   Lympstone Pre-School Group by purchasing a picnic table for their outdoor space, Lympstone Church PCC by paying for clock maintenance, The Lympstone History Society by contributing towards an Information Board about the Lympstone Timbers, The Lympstone Third Age Project by paying for room hire in the centre of the Village, and the Village Hall Management Committee by paying for extra lighting at the side of the hall opposite the tennis courts. Where the Parish Council is buying or paying for services or equipment, the VAT can be reclaimed, thus making this an efficient way of helping Local Groups.  Contact:

A J Le Riche (Clerk to the Council)