Parish Council response to Lympstone Compost closure

Parish Council response to Lympstone Compost closure

The Parish Council was sad to hear of the decision by Lympstone Composting to cease their activities.

The scheme has been successful over the last 11 years, despite interferences and threats of expensive licensing by DEFRA. The scheme has also been financially sound, but has lacked a succession of volunteers to carry out the work.

This is not necessarily the end of compost collections in the Village. A number of options are being considered by others to see if a scheme of some sort can continue. One of these is by Otter Rotters, who carry out similar and wider schemes in other parts of East Devon.

The Parish Council will invite them to a meeting to discuss their possible scheme. Notice of this will be given on the Notice Boards.  Anyone, both  users and non-users, will be welcome to come along to the meeting.

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