Village Telegraph Poles

Village Telegraph Poles

The telegraph poles in the village have long been an accepted form of advertising local events. However, things are getting out of hand again and they need tidying up. The Parish Council has produced a Code of Good Practice. This is displayed on each of the village Notice Boards.

Over the next couple of weeks, volunteers will be checking each telegraph pole to make sure that it only contains notices about village events and meets the rest of the criteria in the Code of Good Practice. Any notices that don’t meet these will be removed

Many poles also have a lot of staples left from when notices are torn down. These need to be removed to stop the poles becoming an eyesore. Remember we are in the Best Kept Village Competition this year and we must all do our best to show that our village is well cared-for.

If you would like to help keep a Telegraph pole near you looking tidy, then please just do so. There is no need to apply or even ask.

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