Volunteer gardeners needed

Volunteer gardeners needed

The Parish Council is seeking volunteers who each may be prepared to plant and look after one or more of the flower beds. This is particularly important next year as the parish Council would like to see the flowers beds at their best for the Jubilee Celebrations and then for the rest of the Jubilee Year. In the past, some sponsorship has been offered from businesses in the village and this can help meet the cost of plants and compost.

The Parish Council is also aware that some professional help might be needed to keep everything looking really good for the whole year. However, volunteers can help keep the cost to the public purse to a minimum.

We already have some volunteers who have done an excellent job but there is more to be done. If you feel that you are able to help in some small way in terms of planting, weeding or watering then please do let me know.

Tony Le Riche, Clerk to Lympstone Parish Council

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