Waste strategy public consultation

Waste strategy public consultation

Devon County Council’s Waste Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation Report has been drawn up to help identify the most appropriate areas of the county for waste management activities and to provide policies for considering waste planning applications to 2031.

The Waste Core Strategy will consider almost all types of waste including commercial and industrial waste, construction, demolition and excavation waste and hazardous waste, as well as the municipal waste collected from Devon’s households.

The public consultation is being held until Thursday 21 July. To provide people with the opportunity to comment on the strategy, a number of consultation events will be held at the several venues including the Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter 16 June,11am-4pm.

The document is available in all Devon libraries and at District Council offices. It will also be available online at: http://devoncc.limehouse.co.uk/portal and www.devon.gov.uk/wastecorestrategy.

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