WI April Report

WI April Report

Wednesday the 5th April was an important and sad day for Lympstone WI, when its President of four years, Diana de la Rue, stepped down. Under Diana’s presidency, membership has doubled as Lympstone WI enhanced its reputation for excellent catering, lively and informative presentations, and support for, and involvement in, local matters. Heather Stratford, Janet Ward, and Anne Riley also stood down from the Committee.

Before we got down to the business of electing new committee members for the coming year, we discussed the two shortlisted resolutions to be put forward nationally – Alleviating Loneliness and Keeping Microplastic Fibres out of our Oceans – and members were in favour of both.

After the tea break, Heather Stratford presented the Treasurer’s Report, and Secretary Janet Ward gave her Report on behalf of the Committee. She also thanked those members who had laid on the Italian-themed buffet at the Sailing Club in March, which was such a success that it could deter other members from offering their services in the future – a job for life, ladies? Diana gave her final President’s Report and thanked those members who had supported her during her four years in office.

Votes were then cast, with the result that Heather Stratford is now our new President, with Anya Reeves taking on the role of Treasurer, and Elly Cordwell as Secretary. Sue Pritchard joins the Committee.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 3rd May at 2.30 pm in the Methodist Hall, when Mollie Bond will tell us about the role played by Wallis Simpson in the Abdication of King Edward VIII.

We are very pleased to welcome anyone who thinks she might be interested in finding out about the Lympstone WI. For more information please find us on the village website, or just come along to one of our meetings.


Lindy Newton

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