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Sep 26, 2023

In aid of Exmouth & Lympstone Hospiscare.

A huge thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal for interest in holding an Open Gardens event in the village next summer. We can confirm that plans for this are progressing and we already have some tasty and interesting gardens to visit. More are still very welcome!

The event will launch on 8th June and culminate with open gardens on the weekend of 15th/16th June. There will be a number of other activities taking place during that period, so we have
therefore changed the event name to a ‘Garden Festival’ to better reflect what will be taking place.

Some fantastic ideas for enhancing this Festival have already been proposed by other village groups, who are also using the Herald to keep the village updated. Detailed planning will not take place until after New Year but if you would like to be kept posted on what we are proposing, or have ideas for raising money, please get in touch.

Even if you do not have a garden to open or a front garden to display, we would welcome more volunteers to help with planning and organizing.
Many thanks Linda Lyon malcandlinda@aol.com
Liz Griffiths liz@claylane.com
Julie Heptonstall Julie.heptonstall@gmail.com

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