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Apr 26, 2023

Lympstone’s 1st ever Wildlife Festival Day is fast approaching! Bring a friend and come along and join us on Saturday, June 3rd, 10am to 3pm, at our lovely Church.

Meet a host of local people who will be running an amazing range of displays, stalls, talks, village wildlife walks and various hands-on nature-based activities for kids and adults. With local music, refreshment and a fabulous raffle, this fun-filled day is about meeting new people, sharing stories, exchanging knowledge and skills, and inspiring ideas for further action that will benefit both wildlife and people.

We are very honoured to have the CEO of Devon Wildlife Trust, Harry Barton, talking at 11 o’clock on the latest news from the Trust and the wider world of wildlife. Get there early – grab a tea, coffee, piece of cake, buy a raffle ticket and look round the displays before his talk.

The day will be celebrating the remarkably creative ways, large and small, Lympstonians and friends are now, at this very moment, engaged in trying to help restore our much depleted wildlife and natural spaces. In so doing we take up the challenge Devon Wildlife Trust set before us last year that by 2030 at least one in four people from Toddlers to Great Grandpas were fully engaged in practical ways of helping our declining Wildlife to revive. Well Done! Your remarkable offers of contributions to the festival have varied enormously, all bringing fun and enjoyment to our village and to our visitors. They will showcase some larger projects that have demanded hard physical labour; gardens and much sort after allotments, many reverting to old organic methods; gifted people, inspired by nature, who spend hours creating works of music, art, craft or literary works, recording our sometimes overlooked urgent need for beauty in our lives. Many others have patiently observed and recorded weeks of the habits of a singular or group of creatures attempting to remake spoilt habitats. I could go on…

So much is happening in the village from simple joys gained from watching the antics of a bird on a small feeder; surprises revealed from night cameras; wildlife pond building; superb photography of birds and snakes; professional knowledge of particular species; the wildlife-friendly restoration of Gulliford Burial Ground and so much more if only time and space allowed, but many thanks to all those generous Lympstone people offering to help in all sorts of ways.

Hot on the heels of the coronation, I am sure our newly crowned King, passionate about wildlife, would love to hear how Lympstone and many other villages in Britain are engaging in trying to restore and enhance our unique natural surroundings and wildlife. Let’s make it a happy, positive day of all that IS, and thank you everyone helping in all sorts of ways to make it so.
All the best, Mary Truell and Rebecca Abrahams
Email: truell@me.com    rebecca_abrahams@yahoo.com
Website:   https://www.lympstone.org/clubssocities/wild-about-lympstone
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WildAboutLympstone

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