Lympstone Poets

Lympstone Poets

After a delay for the half term Thursday 9th June was the presentation to the winners of the Lympstone Poetry Competition. Ralph Rochester was our judge and he praised the high quality of the entries – but as ever there can only be one winner:-
Open – 1st Jenny Moon
Under 18 and Over 12 – 1st Edward Doble, 2nd Amber Leach
Under 12 – 1st Matti Adams, 2nd Joshua Bentley, 3rd Alfie Blackham
Can I say for my part that it was a delight to meet such pleasant and talented children (and Jenny of course!) and that they represent all that is good in our youth.  Well done to both St. Peters and Lympstone Primary Schools.

It is rare to carry out a “work” task which genuinely gives pleasure – this presentation did – the joy and pride of the children was inspiring.

A special “well done” to Matti – you know why.

Poetry Competition Full Results


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