Parish Church services and news

Parish Church services and news

On Thursday 15th December, James Hutchings will be licensed in Holy Trinity Church Exmouth. He takes over as leader of the Mission Community of Littleham cum Exmouth with Lympstone. He comes with his wife Alice and children Ben, Oliver and Sarah.

James will be in Lympstone on Christmas Day for the 9.30am service. He will also attend Family Service on the 18th at 9.30 for 10am (with breakfast and coffee).

The Carols by Candlelight service will be on Monday 19th at 7pm.

The Christingle service this year will be at 4.30 for 5pm (tea before the service) on Friday 23rd.

The next ‘Service with No Name’ will be 5th February, and the next coffee morning in January.

Message from Sid Humphries (who is working hard to become a fully ordained priest to serve our parish).

He writes; ‘I am at the end of my first term, an overview of the work so far. Weekly University study nights, essays of 1,000 and 1,500 words, plus nine 200-word short-study tasks, plus many more hours of reading with more of the same to follow! Three study weekends, Friday night until Sunday afternoon, more to come. During the academic year a 6,500-word journal, plus annotations, a 3,500-word book review, 1,000 and 2,000 word essays, plus lots and lots of reading, particularly in preparation for the weekends in addition to working full time during term time – please don’t think I’m being boastful. As from mid-January I will be on a placement at Newton Poppleford until mid March. I will be leading services, preaching and many other tasks with, of course, another essay. After that, as from Easter Sunday afternoon, I shall be going to Salisbury for a week at ‘Easter School.’ So, unfortunately, I will not be around the parish during this time

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. Particularly my thanks to Tina for her love, support and patience, only another 18 months to go!

I am confident with God’s support and your prayers, I will make it through the training, you are always in my daily prayers with love and blessings. Sid.’

Church Solar Energy

The church has just received planning permission and a faculty (a lengthy process) for fitting solar panels to the church. Many have been distressed to learn of the Government’s decision to bring forward the date when cuts in payments for the electricity generated begin, to 12th December, 2011 from 31st March 2012. Lympstone church is one of 300 churches in this situation throughout the country. We invite you to support us by signing an online petition at: Thank you.

Finally, the Quiz Night on Saturday 3rd December was a great success and enjoyed by over 60. If you missed it there should be another next year.

Brian Mather

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