Reviving an old tradition

Reviving an old tradition

Help to revive the old custom of ‘wassailing’!

Wassail the trees, that they may bear

You many a plum, and a pear:

For more or less fruits they will bring,

As you do give them wassailing.

Lympstone used to have many orchards and at on the twelfth night, adults and children would feast on hot cakes and cider and go a-wassailing, singing and shouting to drive out evil spirits, and pouring cider on the roots of the trees to encourage fertility.

This year on 6th January we will revive this tradition in two orchards.  Assemble at 6.30pm at Sowden House where the festivities begin.   You could bring lanterns, sticks and anything to make a loud noise.  There will be mulled cider, singing and a children’s play area.  We will make our way through the village to Orchard Cottage for hot food and drinks and offerings to the spirits of the trees.  it could be great fun and just a little mad!

Sheila Stone

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