SWW works, Underhill Car Park, Update

SWW works, Underhill Car Park, Update

Update on progress:
The eleventh and final ring is in place and the shaft should reach its final depth, just over 12m, next week.
We have also added to the filtration system so that the water from the site is discharging clear into the brook.

Unfortunately we are a couple of weeks behind with the shaft construction so I have updated the schedule of works. The end date has not changed as other elements of the scheme should continue as planned around the works on the shaft.

•25-10-17 grout and internally seal shaft
• 06-10 17 construct concrete base, central column and benching. (large base pour and a few smaller pours for the benching)
• 24-11 17 install flushing system and internal pipework
• 28-11 17 construct shaft roof

• 20-11 17 construct new screened overflow from existing storage tank
• 8-1 18 construct pipework , chambers and ducts between tanks
• 16-1 18 complete electrical works and commissioning
• 1-2 18 Reinstate car park and remove hoarding
• Reopen carpark on 12th Feb 2018

Last Friday we had members of the Parish Council tour the site. On Monday Ben Marley, our construction manager, gave a talk to the Lympstone Primary School and on Tuesday we held a classroom session and site visit where the children conducted a few simple experiments under the supervision of Mark Brown , the site manager.

There will be a couple of days when we need to pour around 8oo tons of concrete to form the base of the shaft, this will involve a fairly constant flow of concrete lorries through the village and the parking restrictions will be in place. I will update you with more information when the dates are booked, we are liaising with the developers of the pre-school site to work with their deliveries to Candy’s field to minimise disruption.

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