Safer Cycling in Lympstone

Safer Cycling in Lympstone


What is the main concern?

In recent months, there has been a marked increase in the number of cyclists, joggers and walkers using the Exe Estuary Trail that runs through Lympstone. Whilst we support the government’s “active travel” initiative and welcome visitors to our village, many residents are concerned about the safety of everyone using this route.

A survey of residents living in or near The Strand and Sowden Lane was conducted in July, with over 60 residents responding. They raised several concerns:

  • Speed of some cyclists

  • Failure to give way to pedestrians by some cyclists

  • Abusive language from cyclists to other road users

  • Strain on shared usage of street due to increased numbers.

  • Illegal parking on The Strand and bottom of Cox’s Hill.

Whilst many residents would welcome the re-routing of the Trail, the majority who responded to the recent survey support the implementation of:

  • appropriate signage

  • speed bumps

  • reduced speed limit What are the solutions?

The Trail Action Group, a Parish Council working party, met with Devon County Council at the end of July and as s a result DCC agreed to do a video survey over 2 days of the August bank holiday weekend and a further video survey on a weekday during September. They will analyse this footage to identify safety issues and road use with a view to recommending actions to improve safety.

The Trail Action Group value the support of all those who share our concerns for the continued safety of our residents and visitors.

What can you do?

  • Report any incidents you experience or witness by completing the appropriate form which should be forwarded to “Shears”, The Strand or emailed to [Copies can also be obtained from the Post Office counter in Central Stores]

  • Display pre-printed signs on your wheelie bins as soon as they are available for distribution

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